The Progression of Home Office Furniture

The great thing about home office furniture is that it can be as simple or as sophisticated as we choose to make it. It progresses as we do. It wasn't that many years ago when I was using cinder blocks and an old door as a desk, a second hand end table for a printer stand, and some plastic milk cartons for my book shelves. Those things worked, but didn't win any awards for interior decorating. They were functional, but that was about it. Over the years I am happy to say that I have upgraded, not all at once, to nicer furniture. Like anyone else, I've had to go through stages, and it's fun to look back over the years.

After my cheap-as-can-be home office furniture stage, I went through an I-think- particle-board-is-pretty-nice stage. And it was compared to what I I had been using. It was relatively inexpensive too. I had a corner desk with a built in hutch made out of particle board that was covered in laminate that looked like hardwood. That's what I thought when I bought it anyway. I saw what I wanted to see. It was pretty nice for the money, but after about a year of using it I learned that it wasn't really all that great after all. It was when I tried to move it and the connectors holding it together ripped out of the "wood" when my helper tripped that I realized I had to upgrade. So I started my search and soon found the joys of real wood.

One of the important things I learned about home office furniture is that the quality pieces are made out of real wood. These could be expected to last for years and years, if not for a lifetime, and many of them do. Classic wood joinery wins out every time. Mortise and tennon construction is strong and doesn't rip out like the particle board connectors do.

The first piece of real wood furniture I bought for my home office was a book shelf. This was a nice solid piece about 6 feet tall, and it handled the weight of a lot of books without any trouble at all. It was beautiful and made me feel good to think I was really getting somewhere in life. I mean, only poor college kids used anything less than real wood, right? When I look at that book shelf now, I just can't help but smile with the recognition that I would never go back to anything else.

As I sit here in my deluxe leather office chair surrounded by other quality home office furniture, I can't help but think of how much nicer it is than that old stuff I used. This is the natural progression of things I suppose. Beautiful, long-lasting, quality furniture is something anyone deserves. You don't have to wait like I did. If you do a little research into what you need, and plan for it, you can have some pretty nice home office furniture sooner rather than later. The normal progression may be to go from functional junk, to presentable and useable, to high quality and long-lasting, but there is nothing cast in stone about that. If you can, do yourself a favor and skip the first two. Once you are surrounded by, and using, beautiful home office furniture, you will never regret it.


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